Our approach

solologic delivers intelligent, pan-European telemarketing services using a passionate and informed team. Our campaign process is structured as follows:

Clearly define requirements

solologic believes that no client requirements are ever the same. We spend time ensuring that your campaign is relevant, correctly targeted and delivering your message in the most appropriate way. Our understanding of and experience in the technology sector allows us to set realistic expectations to make sure every client is able to achieve what they need.

Clearly define the market

This sounds simple on the surface, but in reality, identifying the right people, in the right companies, at the right level with the right message is the foundation of any telemarketing campaign. Working with our clients to clearly identify their market, and its real underlying needs, is a key area of our expertise.

Source the right data

From years of experience, we know where to go for the right data. This means we can ensure that the investment you make in your campaign is focused where it should be.

Identify and develop the key message(s)

Knowing what to say, how to say it, and to whom, is what we do best. We invest heavily in our team, so our telemarketers are just as passionate about your campaign as you are.

Implement, project manage, refine

Planning is where we differentiate you from your competitors – implementation is where we differentiate ourselves from ours. We train our staff to make every call as though they were calling for their own company, using every campaign preparation insight to generate results.

Analyse, prepare and present results

Data is meaningless without context. At solologic, our project managers work hard to distil the data that is derived from your campaign, and convert it into useful information and feedback – so you can plan your next steps, and measure ROI.

Review and plan the next steps

We always invest time analysing the results from campaigns, looking for the ‘information behind the results’. This often tells us WHY we’ve obtained the results we have, so that our clients can move forward with maximum effect.

What our customers say:

  • "The account management I have experienced during this campaign has been second to none – keep up the good work"

    Business Intelligence Vendor

  • "These are the golden nuggets we are after – give the telemarketer a gold star"

    Microsoft Gold Partner

  • "A great experience, I wish I had found you sooner"

    Global Unified Communications Vendor

  • "This was always going to be a good opportunity but it has turned out to be the largest opportunity we have uncovered this year"

    Leading IT Consultancy

  • "solologic's understanding of our requirements enabled us to hit the ground running uncovering some great opportunities"

    ERP Solution Provider

  • "The campaign has been excellent, I am confident we will close at least four pieces of business from this activity"

    VOIP Reseller

  • "The results from this campaign are exceptional - well done to you and the team"

    Unified Communications Reseller

  • "Very impressed, great result"

    VOIP Reseller